HAGL Myanmar provides Mon State Flood Relief in collaboration with Vietnamese Community

September 21, 2019


On August 21-22, 2019, with the lead of the Vietnam Embassy in Myanmar, HAGL Myanmar organized flood relief donations in collaboration with the Vietnamese Business Club in Myanmar (VBCM) and the Vietnamese Community in Myanmar, and visited flood-hit areas of Mon State, Myanmar and handed relief donations.

The delegation led by Vietnamese Ambassador to Myanmar Luan Thuy Duong and VBCM Vice Chairman and HAGL Group Managing Director Cao Duy Thinh and representatives of some Vietnamese companies in Myanmar handed over a total cash amount of 16,570,000 kyat (equivalent to 11,000 USD) and 1,550 USD, and 2 tons of rice worth 1,500,000 kyat, 400 sets of blanket and mosquito net, 9 boxes of clothes and personal items, 7 boxes of food, 5 boxes of confectionery and 10 rice cookers.

Speaking at the meeting with representatives of Mon State Government, Ambassador Luan Thuy Duong shared with sympathies for the loss and damage of the people in Mon State as well as other flood-hit states and regions in Myanmar.

The Ambassador stated that the contribution and donations of the Vietnamese community in Myanmar is “from the heart”, and as the evidence for the close and deep-rooted traditional friendship between the government and peoples of Viet Nam and Myanmar.

She also affirmed that the Vietnamese community in Myanmar will continue to stay side by side and be willing to share with the difficulties of the local people. The Ambassador also expressed her hope that all local residents will soon overcome difficulties.

On behalf of Mon State Government, State Minister for ethnic affairs Pa Oh Daw San Wint Khine expressed her gratefulness to the Embassy, the VBCM and Vietnamese community in Myanmar for the contribution and sharing. Impressed with the activities by the Embassy and the community, she believed that those activities will contribute to further strengthen the bilateral relationship between Myanmar and Viet Nam.

Ambassador Luan Thuy Duong presented Mon State Government with a total of 5.5 million kyat and US$ 600 and 10 rice cookers, 100 set of blanket and mosquito nets, and boxes of washing powder.

Earlier in the afternoon of August 21, 2019, at the Kyaikmaraw High School, the Ambassador and the delegation handed 5.5 million kyat and 500 USD and 2 tons of rice, 100 sets of blanket and mosquito net, together with boxes of food, confectionery, clothes and other necessary items.
On the morning of 22 August, 2019, the delegation donated 5.57 million kyat and 450 USD and 200 sets of blanket and mosquito nets and boxes of food, confectionery, clothes and washing powder for the people of Ye township, where most people are still affected by severe flood.